Our sponsors have a huge impact on the success of our Association. As a result we ensure that we work hard for our sponsors in order to reward them for all that they do for us. The development of this website was the first step in providing our sponsors with more visibility in order to gain more exposure to their business. Please view the Sponsorship Letter for more information on our Sponsorship Levels and the additional benefits from partnering with TCBA. ***Please use the Contact Us Section to be directed to the appropriate Parties***

Registration Flyer – Feel free to complete the attached form and submit to if you are interested in registering you child(ren) and/or if you are interested in Volunteering (coaches, team parents, joining our Board of Directors, etc). A new form will be linked for the 2019/20 Season.

Code-of-Conduct – Attached is a copy if anyone needs it for their records.

Email for a copy of the sub and sandwich order forms.